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Fear of the french people: Understanding & Solutions

Getting Help

Francophobia is called by quite a few different names. Follow the link for the name that sounds right to you.


Treatment: Two Choices

At CTRN we are specialists at helping francophobes, and those with related problems. There’s two ways to work with us:

Causes & Symptoms

Pick one of the links of different names for the french people to learn more about how it is caused and likely symptoms.

Drugs & Medication

Drugs and medications for Francophobia aren’t the best approach, we feel, but make sure you always follow a doctor’s advice when taking or stopping any prescription.

The root cause of being Francophobic is an unconscious mental association that links the french people to powerful feelings of fear. Meds can mask that link, but can never break it. (That’s what we help you do).

To learn more about overcoming francophobia permanently, without drugs, follow one of these links: